Since Issym's release in 2009, Jessie Mae Hodsdon has been a guest speaker universities and venues across the East Coast. Through her many classes and continuing email communication with writers of all ages, she has aided students and authors in their writing.
Group Mentorship Program
With writing experience, a talent for teaching, and a passion for working with students, Jessie Mae desires to help your students further their short story and novel writing goals. Contact her to setup this monthly program for your group: Writing Mentorship Program for students grades 5-12.
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Writing Mentorship Program
Three different ways to participate in Jessie Mae's Mentorship Programs:

1. Email advice

2. Group Mentorship Program
$50 a semester

3. Intensive
Starting at only $200!
Email Advice
Connect with Jessie Mae Hodsdon and ask her your questions.
Intensives for Students and Adults
​Work with Jessie Mae on a more individual basis, committing to a fifteen week program in person or long-distance. Students will finish short stories or complete the better part of a novel under a personal tutelage that provides a greater depth to learning. Available in different formats to suit individual needs.
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