Born and raised in Maine, Jessie Mae finds solace through the long winter months in a pot of coffee and a cozy fireside. And nothing goes better with coffee than books. She started writing because she could and she continues writing because, if there's an off-switch, she hasn't found it yet.

​Rebirth Publishing was created to launch her first works, The Xsardis Chronicles & The Orion Records; but fearing the starving artist's plight, Jessie Mae also graduated from Nyack College with highest distinction and a Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Management. She has spoken at universities and venues across the East Coast, promoting her books, lecturing on business & writing, and inspiring others to pursue their dreams.

​​​​Now twenty-four, a love of commas, rainy days, storytelling, and family runs deeply through her veins. From blogging to song-writing to working on her next novel, Jessie Mae enjoys a creative and diverse life in her hometown of Bangor. You'll probably find her at the local Starbucks, humming a Christmas carol in mid-June.